1650 Barroilhet Avenue
Burlingame CA 94010
Oak Grove Manor Tudor
The Owners of this two-bedroom, 1930’s Tudor-style residence on a small Burlingame lot approached MPA with a desire to expand their home for their family of four. The Owners requested a new master suite, library, guest room plus two children’s bedrooms while maintaining the existing kitchen, dining and living rooms. The challenge was to design a home that was properly scaled for the 50’x120’ lot, was true to the original Tudor style and satisfied the Owner’s functional requirements. Major residential additions on small properties are often too large for their lots and as a result begin to erode the neighborhood character. With this in mind, MPA used 3D modeling to test the impact of various massing schemes. The final solution included a new second story enclosed under roof lines similar to the original design along with subtle shed dormers. The result is a home that grew from 1270 SF to 2525 SF but feels appropriately scaled for the lot and neighborhood. The project was completed in 2008, however, most people mistake the home as a 1930’s original.