1650 Barroilhet Avenue
Burlingame CA 94010
Newell Residence
The Owners of this 1980’s home in Palo Alto hired MPA to make the “public” areas of their home more exciting and livable. The kitchen, dining and family rooms suffered from a “boxy” layout. Spaces felt small, dimly lit and each room felt cut off from the others. In addition, the couple had affinities for different architectural styles…one traditional and one modern. The solution eliminated walls, doors and headers between rooms so that all spaces felt part of a single volume. Structural walls were removed where possible and transformed into boldly colored “free-standing furniture” where structure was required. The result is a series of distinct areas that “borrow space” from one another and feel part of the larger whole. Clean, modern detailing with hints of traditional architecture satisfy the owners’ differing design preferences. The project was completed in 2008.